On the 16th day of #blogmas …”The Last Jedi” BLEW MY MIND


Here is my opinion about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”: BEST STAR WARS MOVIE YET. Yes, I felt that it had its few flaws; its few corny moments. Overall though, I had way bigger moments of  practically flying out of my seat yelling “HOLY SH*T!!!” in shock, amazement, and pure badassery than anything else. Even my fiance, who is a HUGE fan (as in, one of those fans who you never want to play trivia with; one of those fans who has a storage unit full of collectibles) had moments of awe and wonder. Thinking about it now, I was having reservations about going to see it again, wondering if maybe it won’t be as exciting the second time around because I will know what’s coming but I don’t think that will be the case. I have a feeling the thrills and chills will still be there. I get the impression there will be plenty of “Easter eggs” (as Dan calls them) to find.


And on an end note, we fantasy book readers need to discuss the beautiful creatures in this movie. Especially the arctic foxes, the racing creatures (I didn’t catch their names…my assignment is to look that up), and the porgs. Honestly I’m a bit indifferent about the porgs–they’re ok, but a bit overdone.

So if you wish to discuss the movie, please keep it generalized and spoiler-free or contact me privately and we can chat about it all day! I might have my fiance (Dan) write up a guest post because we’re so hyped about the new movie. Maybe after we go see it again. Have you seen it? Are you planning on seeing it? What do you/did you think?

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“The Princess Diarist” by Carrie Fisher

33290316The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher was very much not what I was expecting. I was expecting a straightforward run through her journals from her movie days when she was filming the “Star Wars” movies. Apparently I don’t know Carrie very well. Well, I already knew that. I’m really not that big a Carrie fan, or Leia for that matter, but I am a “Star Wars” fan and since Ms. Fisher recently passed I figured I’d give the book a shot. The book was actually written very well, but the content was…just ok. Here’s why:
princess-leia-behind-the-scenes-starwars375-80% of the book is really about Carrison (Carrie + Harrison if you’re slow….their name for their affair, not mine). And not just “about” them…but its literally either recent Carrie talking about it, or teenage Carrie pining over it. Its quite beautiful and poetic for about 10-20 pages and then its just old. The beginning and ending biographical pieces about how she got casted and how she feels about her fans are funny and candid and that’s what I wanted. I wanted on-set memories as well and interactions with the cast and crew and the script. However….you can’t always get what you want.

At the end of the day, the book had its extremely well-written moments where I was so shocked I was ready to give it a 5 star rating because Ms. Fisher is so articulate and the book is quotable and memorable and funny. There are pictures in the actual book and the audiobook is read mostly by Carrie Fisher herself so its really great. Then we sometimes hit the doldrums of talking on and on as a teenage would-be poet about Harrison Ford for dozens of pages at a time…is it love or is it not? bla bla bla. Ugh.

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Bookmail! … Otter Nonsense Designs

Ah, Star Wars! Don’t hate me, but Princess Leia has never been my favorite character in the galaxy. I’ve always been more on the nerf-herder’s side. Oh, and little R2 too! Its amazing what that droid who is all boxed in could do. Never underestimate R2-D2!

Anyway, I wanted to make the point that even though I haven’t exactly been a Leia fan over the years, I have been curious about reading some of Carrie Fisher’s books, especially “The Princess Diarist.” This book is a behind the scenes look at the Star Wars prequel movies, as told from young Carrie’s journals while actually filming. Interesting, methinks! I’d especially love to listen to the audiobook because Ms. Fisher narrates it herself, and I love it when authors read their own books…especially memoirs.

image1So here is my cutesy bookmail for now. A new bookmark from a great seller I found on Etsy by the name of Otter Nonsense. She has tons of other bookmarks and printables from Star Wars and several other fandoms…something for everyone. Check her out if you’re so inclined. 😀

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