BEAutumn: Spicy Pumpkin Latte Book Tag

I am so excited to do this tag, created for BookEnding Autumn by Meegan Reads! Warm beverages are one of my favorite parts of autumn. Whether its apple cider, chai lattes, pumpkin spice….anything! I love it all!! Then put it with my soft socks, cozy blanket, a good book, and I am set! Let’s get to this tag!

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  • Most importantly – have fun!

Pumpkin Spice Latte: A book you didn’t think you’d love
Slayer by Kiersten White – I honestly don’t know why I picked this book up. I remember expecting this book to be super cheesy, being that this was centered around <i>Buffy</i>–a corny sitcom I never watched to begin with. Also, I was a little disappointed with the last K.White book I read so my expectations weren’t that high. However, I listened to the audiobook and I LOVED this one. One of my favorite reads of the year!

Hot Apple Cider: A book that got you a bit hot under the collar
No matter your sexual preferences, if you have a pulse, you probably felt some stirrings for the chemistry between our boys Alex and Henry in Red, White, and Royal Blue. This was a book that I know I will be reading again at some point. I decided to read it up because of all the hype and I am so glad I did. Definitely worth a read if you haven’t gotten to it yet!

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate: A book that felt like a warm hug
Since the theme is autumn and we’re going through warm beverages and comfort things, my first thought for this one is Rainbow Rowell’s Pumpkinheads. The very first page in this book is a map of the pumpkin patch that the characters work in and I was in love right then and there. Throughout the story, the MC’s basically tour the patch and its just so fun to visit all of the attractions with them…I will be reading this book every. single. year.

Maple Pecan Latte: A book you enjoyed that was hard to get into
I’ll give this one to The Bear and the Nightingale. Yes, I know this is a book that I harbor an unpopular opinion on. It just was a slowburn for me. I still am blaming myself for listening to the audiobook version and I am going to be brave and try again at some point to read a hard copy. I think there is potential because I know I did like the ending and I felt a bit lost. I felt the fairy tale element and I liked it but again, I was only confused by it so I feel I need to give it another go. The beginning was only difficult for me to really get into.

London Fog: A vanilla character
Hannah in These Witches Don’t Burn. I wanted to like this book and I didn’t hate it. I just thought it was dull. I thought that for a book about witches, it could have been more witchy. Probably because the main character was (sorry to say but) lame.


Hot Buttered Rum: A book that was velvety smoothe

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew: A character whose temperament is icy cold
That would be Olive in The Unhoneymooners. From the very beginning, this girl has a cold “I’m unlucky” attitude and it lasts for the entire book. Even when she’s on this amazing vacation (a la ‘unhoneymoon’), she is still convinced it will go bad because of fate.

Salted Caramel Mocha: A book that you’re salty about
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. If anyone out there still hasn’t read the HP books or watched the movies, minor -SPOILER- ahead….I am still skeptical about the veil in the Department of Mysteries! I did recently re-read the book for the first time since my original read when the book first came out (maybe this was my third read? But I can’t say for sure–that’s not the point) and there is such little explanation for what is behind the veil or what happens if someone just casually falls in! But come on. I always thought Sirius was going to come back. Or Dumbledore was going to find a way. Or something! So yes. I’m still salty.

Honey Bee Latte: A character who is sweet
For this one I’m going to choose Millie Michalchuk from the book Puddin’. This is the second book to Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’. I preferred book 2 to book 1. Really they can each stand alone. Dumplin’ was made into a Netflix movie relatively recently and I hope they do the same with Puddin’ because, as I said, I preferred Puddin’. Millie is a fat girl who goes from enemies to besties with the head cheerleader of the school and the entire book is just really sweet and life lessons are learned and I just really enjoyed the whole thing. (Side note: I’ve never heard of a “honey bee latte”???)

Gingerbread Latte: A character you would take home for Christmas
So my typical non-villanous book boyfriend is Levi from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. However, I now have a new Rowell book boyfriend! (I still think Levi is my favorite though, but for the sake of entertainment, I’ll change it up here) Josiah from Pumpkinheads! This lady knows how to write some wholesome guys, let me tell you! They are the type I could just hang out and laugh with, joke around with, drink coffee with, be super easygoing around…I think they just seem super chill.

So those are my answers! Technically the full BookEnding Autumn event is over now and I am so late in posting these but my October got so flipped upside-down I’m just posting at my own leisure at this point. If you’d like to do this tag, go for it! Be sure to tag me so I can see your answers, and tag the creator too! Have fun!

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Every Witch Needs A Familiar! What Would Yours Be?


This post is part of the event BookEnding Autumn, which is facilitated quarterly by Sam & Clo. This prompt in particular was developed and hosted specifically by Jamsu, so if you wish, you can check out the original post here. But the ‘official’ prompt is as follows:

If you were a witch, which magical creatures would you want as your familiar?

Before I answer this, I wanted to do a little digging. Of course I know of  familiars but I really am not familiar with them (yeah, that’s right–witch humor!). So I consulted the oracle (Google) and the simplest answer I found was:

…familiar spirits (sometimes referred to simply as ‘familiars’ or ‘animal guides’) were believed to be supernatural entities that would assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic.

3686Historically, familiars were often small, ordinary-seeming creatures who were given common names. Reading further, I found some familiarity.  In European folk tales, familiars entered the story when the protagonist is in the most need of aid–perhaps a grinning, striped Cat (a la Cheshire) or a cricket named Jiminy. Then I found connections to a couple recent reads. Relative to this is a daemon (Latin for the Ancient Greek daimon) referring to a guiding spirit. This term goes all the way back to Greek religion, mythology, and philosophy which, honestly are not my topics to date although my high school teachers loved  them. What I really am driving at here is the His Dark Materials trilogy. It has been a while since I have visited this world, but I remember the daemons being connected to their humans until being physically killed. I know I have heard of/seen daemons in other books/stories but offhand I can’t remember what. Probably none as well-known as HDM. Plus, HDM has an epic TV series coming out this winter sometime and I am looking forward to it!

The other recent read that came to mind when I was researching this was The Bear and the Nightingale. Just a disclaimer: I have only read book 1 and admittedly, I didn’t enjoy it all that much. I think it was due to it being the audiobook version, I’m open to trying to read on. But anyway, the reason I thought of this book was Vasilisa’s belief and loyalty to a household diety and just basically the “old magic” in the book.

Two quick TV examples that I have watched recently which blatantly mention familiars and are super witchy, which I would recommend on this topic: Salem, which was an awesome show starring Shane West (think back to A Walk to Remember, ladies!) that is based on the Salem Witch trials and life in early Salem, Massachusetts. It is a horror show though and it gets pretty twisted at times, but if you’re looking for something to FontCandy (45)watch this October, jump on this train! The second show is, of course, Sabrina the Teenage Witch–either the New Adventures or the 90’s version. Of course Salem is her familiar. And while we’re at it, why don’t we throw Charmed in there too. I love this show and the Halliwell sisters are gifted a cat as a familiar as well.

On a final note, familiars are also said to reflect the personality. So to sum everything up I think my familiar would be a dog. More specifically, a golden retriever. Blonde, loyal, protective, friendly, curious, family-oriented, playful and fun…yep, I’m going with that.

What would your familiar take the form of? What books or movies come into your head when thinking of familiars? Share in the comments!

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September Wrap-up & October Goals

My favorite month is here! It seems like everyone is so excited and motivated to read all the books this month. Ok, its me–I’m everyone! But seriously, I am seeing epic TBR’s and readathon’s around every corner and it is so fun. Between it being cozy fall time and Halloween coming up AND all of the awesome book drops there is a lot of reading to be done!! So let’s hop to the good part.


Job Interview: Prepare to Get Hired … 9/11/19 … ★★★★☆
Well Met by Jen DeLuca … 9/14/19 … ★★★★☆
The Backstagers, Vol. I: Rebels Without Applause … 9/21/19 … ★★★★☆
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix … 9/29/19 … ★★★★★
The Whisper Man … 9/30/19 … ★★★★★

71832181_462512031029497_1066610146769108992_n– BOOKS HAULED –

Sub Boxes
Crown of Coral and Pearl
The Ten Thousand Doors of January
Barnes & Noble/Amazon
The Bloody Chamber
A Taste for Monsters
Tunnel of Bones
Community Buys/Trades
The Haunting of Hill House
Ignite Me
Sorcery of Thorns (digital)

And that was my month! As for goals I am trying participating in a couple of challenges both reading and blog-related. I started a clean-up of my shelves wherein I moved several of the books I’m not very interested in anymore into another room so that the books I have bought more recently can actually have a spot on a shelf. From here the next move is to re-organize my merch on my shelves so that I am incorporating new and old items and if there are things I don’t like or use, I have rotated them out. So that’s about it! Do you ever do this with your books and/or merch as you get new things? Do you keep books long after you read them, or do you pass them along?

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I can officially fangirl about fall now, right? I’ve been trying to keep it low key for about three months right now! There really is so much going on this month that I have pretty much lost track. The highlights that I know I will be jumping in on are as follows:

bookending2bautumnTo kick off the month, the prompt from Danielle @ PoetryBooksYA is “Sweater Weather.” We’re talking about books that make us feel warm and cozy like a nice, warm sweater.

One book I would choose for that is Little Women. I actually read this for the first time this year (gasp!). I always knew my mom loved this book and I think we read a middle grade edition when I was young. I just think it is such a kind and loving book–almost overly so, but it is certainly worth a read.

Second, The Light We Lost is a book you need to read curled up in a blanket. It is a touching story of deepest love lost and found. Just make sure the blanket is comfy!

Sleepy Hollow is probably one of my favorite autumn reads. This one has to make my list just because its a classic, I grew up watching the animated version, and as I said its just a fave.

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October is coming! Haunted books…Part I

Hello everyone! With October right around the corner, I am positive that I’m not the only one thinking ahead to my Spooktober 2019 TBR! In looking ahead, of course I’m also looking into what I have read in the past to work out what should go on my list for next month. Haunted books Part I will be a post about a handful of books I have read and enjoyed in Octobers past that maybe you either want to pick up or avoid this year. Part II will be my actual TBR/books I’m considering as the mood reader I am.

👍 City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab – This middle grade book comes in at 285 pages and it really flies by. I ended up claiming City of Ghosts as one of my top books of 2018, that’s how much I loved this one. You can check out my review here.

45287291_255832425107068_6695770026378526720_n👎 The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein by Kiersten White – I realize that this may be an unpopular opinion, but this book just didn’t live up to the hype for me. Maybe I’ll try reading it again at some point in time but for now, I sit disappointed.

👍 The Wicked Deep by Shea Earnshaw – If the cover alone doesn’t draw you into this book, then Goodreads’ description of Hocus Pocus + Practical Magic will maybe give you a little extra push. This was a great ghost story built on hundreds of years of small town magic and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

👎 The Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay – I had high hopes for this one because many people rave about this author around this time of year. This book and A Head Full of Ghosts (which I have also read and did not completely enjoy) just aren’t my style for horror-thrillers. Great concepts but no action past a certain point, in my opinion. So I think I’m done trying PT at this point.



Face Lift!

Woo! Update! How do you like the face lift on my blog? Had to flip over to autumn, you know. Get that fall feel going! I was ready to do it in like, July but I refrained 😛 Anyway, I’ve been MIA for a little bit because…you know…life. But here is a little update before we resume with the bookish.

Quick life updates:
– My husband and I just celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary!
– I’ve been a bit bummed because I applied for an amazing position within my workplace and unfortunately I didn’t get it. So I needed to take a little time for myself and breathe. I am still coping a little bit but time is healing.
– A big project is starting up in my Book sleeve shop and I have been weighing the pro’s and con’s before committing to anything. I finally decided to say yes so then came the prep work and that has been crazy!!!! 
– On top of that, our basement flooded and everything has been wet. And smelly. And moved around for the project. And wet. But on a brighter note….
– Fall is here and its my FAVORITE.

That is mostly what has been keeping me away from the blog. Things are leveling out now so my updates will be more regular and I am glad for that because–as I will soon introduce–big events are coming in October! Let’s do it!!

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Amazingly fun October Read-a-thon: SPOOKATHON! 👻

denise-johnson-439378-unsplashHey hey! So, I feel that I would be robbing you all of an awesome opportunity if I didn’t tell you about one of my favorite readathons: the SPOOKATHON! This is my second year in a row participating in this weeklong RAT hosted by Kayla and her gang all around social media. I first discovered the party on Twitter where they have their own page with sprints, challenges, updates, and buddy read chats (and more). I love the spoopy memes that get thrown around there, so to hop on, just search up @thespookathon on Twitter and you’re there!

So next up, I’ve got some challenges to work toward for this RAT. They are as follows:
1. read a thriller … The Haunting of Hill House
2. read a book with purple on the cover … Hocus Pocus
3. read a book not set in the current time period … Dracula
4. read a book with a spooky word in the title … The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
5. read a book with pictures … The Halloween Tree
So the books that I bolded are books that I am reading currently, while the others are books that I am wanting to read this October/in the near future.

freestocks-org-425057-unsplashIf you would like to participate, the challenge goes  through the 21st of October. There is no minimum amount of books to read, no required entry or sign-up, its just all for fun and at your own pace. Check it out on Twitter like I said above, or Instagram, or Youtube. Happy spooky reading! Let me know if you decide to jump in…or if you’re reading spooky somethings for October!




TAG TUESDAY! The Nightmare Before Christmas Tag

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone’s week is going well so far. As can be expected, the weather here is typical fall: one day sunny and 81, the next rainy and 45. One never knows when its fall in the midwest!! I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to go outside and shoot some photos soon. Fingers crossed! Oh, and here is a link to the creator’s original tag. Here we go…

FontCandy (7)Questions ☠️

1. Sally –loves someone a lot and gets them in the end … The first book that came to mind when I read this prompt was the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. This series, of course, is love triangle central and I won’t give away the resolution of who Alina finally ends up with, but I will tell you there is a lot of wanting and of course, someone(s) gets a HEA.

2. Jack – a character that longs for more … For this one, I’m going to go with Stalking Jack the Ripper. Audrey Rose is always wanting more training, more cases, more reasons to voice her opinions about women’s rights. She is a perfect example of a Jack-like character and how she sometimes got carried away with her wanting.

3. Zero – side kick character … My new favorite is Jacob from Victoria Schwab’s City of Ghosts. First off, I loved this book. Second, Jacob not only saved Cassidy’s life, but thereafter he was her best friend and stuck by her at all times. They understood each other so well and help each other through everything.

4. Oogie boogie – a book with a wicked villain … I’m going to go a little off a limb and go with Geekarella on this one. I finally got around to reading this book this summer and it was so cute and so fun that again, I don’t know why I waited so long! So the ‘wicked villain’ here is Elle’s mom and one of her stepsisters. In this modern world, it is just disgusting and cruel to treat someone the way that Elle is treated.

Regular_Final_-_8-21-20175. Halloween town – a book with a creepy theme … Anna Dressed in Blood. I feel like I don’t need to do a lot of explaining on this one. The title is rather creepy in and of itself. I didn’t love this book, but it was set up for the sequel and by the end of the book, things picked up and I was intrigued by that ending! So maybe someday I’ll get to the sequel.

6. Christmas town – a book that left you feeling warm and fuzzy … All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover. In some ways, this book was a tough pill to swallow. At times, I thought I might be walking away from this book, which is weird for me because I LOVE CoHo. However, by the end, I was crying happy love tears.

557682e7-6ea0-42bb-9a54-e662382233e57. What is this – book that took you by surprise …. I have to say Children of Blood and Bone for this one and here’s why: I was skeptical about the hype around this one. So much so that I almost didn’t even pick it up to read, but I’m so glad that I did! COBAB was so amazingly good and it moved so quickly, I was just in love with it from beginning to end.

So that’s that my friends. If you need some seasonal, bookish entertainment, then I tag you for this book tag! Have fun!!


Tag Tuesday: Falling for Fall

Hi everyone! Today is the perfect fall day and how could I possibly do any other tag than the “Falling for Fall” tag from my fellow GREAT Blogger Jackie at The Bookworm Cafe. So here we go!


  1. What is your favorite Fall scent? Nothing beats Mother Nature’s fresh morning dew on fallen leaves. Or the smell of an apple barn in the fall! Oh, love it! But I guess when it comes to commercial scents, Bath & Body Works’ Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and/or Apple Pumpkin. Both are SO GOOD!! Yum!
  2. Do you prefer apple stuff or pumpkin stuff? Apples in September and Pumpkins in October. But really everything all the time, lol!
  3. What is one thing that you look forward to every single Fall? Going to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Reading mysteries and suspense books. Decorating. Wait, the question only called for one thing didn’t it? Whoops! ;P
  4. How do you like to spend the more chilly/cloudy days in the Fall? Cuddled up with a book and a cup of tea or cider.
  5. Which do you prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving? All of the above!
  6. What is one thing you do to embrace the Fall season? ALL THE THINGS!! lol. Decorate my house and office desk, light candles, read seasonal books. 
  7. What photos would you like to get this Fall season? I just took fall-themed engagement photos!
  8. Favorite childhood memory from this season? Carving pumpkins with my mom and brother.
  9. What is your favorite trend (fashion/makeup/etc) so far this season? Oooh, this is probably the area that I follow the least. I do know I like the slouchy sweaters/cardigans though.
  10. Describe what the Fall weather really looks like where you live. I’m in the midwest so the leaves are changing and falling and pumpkins are growing and we have apples and gourds and all the good stuff!

I hereby tag: