Wrap-up’s so far…January & February 2020

Hi everyone! First off, let me just say that I hope your 2020 so far has been much better than mine. I had minor surgery on my back, we are currently uprooted from our living space due to flooding, and our puppy is still working on potty training. Work is work, but I am trying to fill my break times in with a new hobby: bullet journaling. So far it is coming along super slow, but if I can track my bills and books, I will be pretty happy. Aside from all of that, let’s wrap up my reading for January & February!



📚 Unspoken … 1/12/20 … ★★★★★
📝 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Vol. 1 … 1/16/20 … ★★
🎧 Ninth House … 1/24/20 … ★★★★★
📚 Jeopardy in January … 1/25/20 … ★★★★
📝 The Tea Dragon Festival … 1/31/20 … ★★★★★
📝 The Lightning Thief … 2/4/20 … ★★★★
🎧 The Night Country (The Hazel Wood 2) … 2/11/20 … ★★★★
🎧 A Constellation of Roses … 2/19/20 … ★★★★
🎧 No Judgements … 2/29/20 … ★★★


(Gift – Hard Copy) The Beautiful by Renee Adieh
(Ebook – $1.99) Jeopardy in January by Camilla Chafer
(Special edition) Winterwood by Shea Earnshaw

I am so proud of myself for not going crazy buying books. That is one of my biggest goals for this year. So many great releases have dropped already this year and I was extremely tempted but I am continuing on with my goal of reading what I have on my shelves and reading books from my local library and grabbing only the best book deals as I see them. Another goal goes along with my new adventure of bullet journalling and that’s just that I need to create more. In January I finished three pages. In February I really have only practiced! Going forward I would like to work through at least 1 spread per month. As someone who is new to the bujo, this is a bit intimidating and I’m already ready to say “Maybe I should be making this for 2021??” because it truly is a big undertaking! More updates next time! Have a great month everyone!

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