About Me

Selfie1Hello world! I’m Lindsay, and I sing the sharps around here. I have always been a reader and a music lover. I decided in 2017 that I needed a place to write out my bookish thoughts with the community and I wanted to come up with something unique for my name and within my blog, so I decided to use what has always shocked people about me: my surprise talent for singing opera. And thus came the handle Singer of Stories.

From then on I started reviewing books more frequently really writing more in-depth about everything I was reading. I decided to find a song that fit with the mood and feeling of every book that I read. Its a little trademark of mine, if you will. It was after that that I started receiving requests for reviews in my email and in my Goodreads inbox from authors and publishers, and the rest is history.

I enjoy walks through forests or along riversides, canoeing, spending time with my family and my dogs, and of course, reading as much as possible. OutlanderSupernatural, and Grey’s Anatomy are my three favorite shows. I am a lyric soprano–please feel free to look that up if you don’t know exactly what that is. If you need a close-to-home example, check out Renee Fleming. She is currently the opera diva at the Lyric Opera house in Chicago. Furthermore, I highly recommend her book The Inner Voice. My copy is so raggedy and dog-eared (aka well-loved) its like my Bible practically. She’s pretty much my idol! I can’t recommend her enough!

Thank you for stopping by my site, and please feel free to drop me a line anytime. My contact information is on my “Contact” page, and you can also find links to my other social media sites there as well.