About Me

Selfie1Hello world! I’m Lindsay, and I sing the sharps around here. This site came about several months ago after I discovered NetGalley on Goodreads. I knew from the beginning, though, that I needed something unique in my name and my blog so I decided to use what has always shocked people about me and that is my surprise talent for singing opera. So therein came the handle Singer of Stories.

From then on I started reviewing books more frequently and I needed a platform on which to really write more in-depth about everything I was reading. I decided to find a song that fit with the mood and feeling of every book that I read. Its a little trademark of mine, if you will. It was after that that I started receiving requests for reviews in my email and in my Goodreads inbox from authors and publishers and the rest is history.

I enjoy walks through forests or along riversides, canoeing, spending time with my family and my dogs. OutlanderSupernatural, and Grey’s Anatomy are my three favorite shows. And I am a lyric soprano.