BEAutumn: Spicy Pumpkin Latte Book Tag

I am so excited to do this tag, created for BookEnding Autumn by Meegan Reads! Warm beverages are one of my favorite parts of autumn. Whether its apple cider, chai lattes, pumpkin spice….anything! I love it all!! Then put it with my soft socks, cozy blanket, a good book, and I am set! Let’s get to this tag!

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  • Most importantly – have fun!

Pumpkin Spice Latte: A book you didn’t think you’d love
Slayer by Kiersten White – I honestly don’t know why I picked this book up. I remember expecting this book to be super cheesy, being that this was centered around <i>Buffy</i>–a corny sitcom I never watched to begin with. Also, I was a little disappointed with the last K.White book I read so my expectations weren’t that high. However, I listened to the audiobook and I LOVED this one. One of my favorite reads of the year!

Hot Apple Cider: A book that got you a bit hot under the collar
No matter your sexual preferences, if you have a pulse, you probably felt some stirrings for the chemistry between our boys Alex and Henry in Red, White, and Royal Blue. This was a book that I know I will be reading again at some point. I decided to read it up because of all the hype and I am so glad I did. Definitely worth a read if you haven’t gotten to it yet!

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate: A book that felt like a warm hug
Since the theme is autumn and we’re going through warm beverages and comfort things, my first thought for this one is Rainbow Rowell’s Pumpkinheads. The very first page in this book is a map of the pumpkin patch that the characters work in and I was in love right then and there. Throughout the story, the MC’s basically tour the patch and its just so fun to visit all of the attractions with them…I will be reading this book every. single. year.

Maple Pecan Latte: A book you enjoyed that was hard to get into
I’ll give this one to The Bear and the Nightingale. Yes, I know this is a book that I harbor an unpopular opinion on. It just was a slowburn for me. I still am blaming myself for listening to the audiobook version and I am going to be brave and try again at some point to read a hard copy. I think there is potential because I know I did like the ending and I felt a bit lost. I felt the fairy tale element and I liked it but again, I was only confused by it so I feel I need to give it another go. The beginning was only difficult for me to really get into.

London Fog: A vanilla character
Hannah in These Witches Don’t Burn. I wanted to like this book and I didn’t hate it. I just thought it was dull. I thought that for a book about witches, it could have been more witchy. Probably because the main character was (sorry to say but) lame.


Hot Buttered Rum: A book that was velvety smoothe

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew: A character whose temperament is icy cold
That would be Olive in The Unhoneymooners. From the very beginning, this girl has a cold “I’m unlucky” attitude and it lasts for the entire book. Even when she’s on this amazing vacation (a la ‘unhoneymoon’), she is still convinced it will go bad because of fate.

Salted Caramel Mocha: A book that you’re salty about
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. If anyone out there still hasn’t read the HP books or watched the movies, minor -SPOILER- ahead….I am still skeptical about the veil in the Department of Mysteries! I did recently re-read the book for the first time since my original read when the book first came out (maybe this was my third read? But I can’t say for sure–that’s not the point) and there is such little explanation for what is behind the veil or what happens if someone just casually falls in! But come on. I always thought Sirius was going to come back. Or Dumbledore was going to find a way. Or something! So yes. I’m still salty.

Honey Bee Latte: A character who is sweet
For this one I’m going to choose Millie Michalchuk from the book Puddin’. This is the second book to Julie Murphy’s Dumplin’. I preferred book 2 to book 1. Really they can each stand alone. Dumplin’ was made into a Netflix movie relatively recently and I hope they do the same with Puddin’ because, as I said, I preferred Puddin’. Millie is a fat girl who goes from enemies to besties with the head cheerleader of the school and the entire book is just really sweet and life lessons are learned and I just really enjoyed the whole thing. (Side note: I’ve never heard of a “honey bee latte”???)

Gingerbread Latte: A character you would take home for Christmas
So my typical non-villanous book boyfriend is Levi from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. However, I now have a new Rowell book boyfriend! (I still think Levi is my favorite though, but for the sake of entertainment, I’ll change it up here) Josiah from Pumpkinheads! This lady knows how to write some wholesome guys, let me tell you! They are the type I could just hang out and laugh with, joke around with, drink coffee with, be super easygoing around…I think they just seem super chill.

So those are my answers! Technically the full BookEnding Autumn event is over now and I am so late in posting these but my October got so flipped upside-down I’m just posting at my own leisure at this point. If you’d like to do this tag, go for it! Be sure to tag me so I can see your answers, and tag the creator too! Have fun!

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