I can officially fangirl about fall now, right? I’ve been trying to keep it low key for about three months right now! There really is so much going on this month that I have pretty much lost track. The highlights that I know I will be jumping in on are as follows:

bookending2bautumnTo kick off the month, the prompt from Danielle @ PoetryBooksYA is “Sweater Weather.” We’re talking about books that make us feel warm and cozy like a nice, warm sweater.

One book I would choose for that is Little Women. I actually read this for the first time this year (gasp!). I always knew my mom loved this book and I think we read a middle grade edition when I was young. I just think it is such a kind and loving book–almost overly so, but it is certainly worth a read.

Second, The Light We Lost is a book you need to read curled up in a blanket. It is a touching story of deepest love lost and found. Just make sure the blanket is comfy!

Sleepy Hollow is probably one of my favorite autumn reads. This one has to make my list just because its a classic, I grew up watching the animated version, and as I said its just a fave.

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