#BESummer19 : Down & Acrostic

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! I hope you all had a much better week than I did. It was SO ROUGH!! I just want to crawl under a rock with my book boyfriends for the weekend, let me tell you! Unfortunately, that’s not quite how the world works so I’ll settle for a flea market and a trip to the library. And for now, I have another prompt to share from the Bookending Summer event.


bookending_summerDown and Acrostic by BookWyrmBites
Pick a summer-themed word (ex: beach, fireworks, heatwave, barbecue, vacation) or the title of a book with summer vibes. Write it vertically, then try to fill in titles that start with each letter (you can omit determiners like “the” and “a”).

For example, if your first book is Radiance, then you might have [The] Raven BoysAnna UndreamingDarius the Great Is Not Okay, and so on. Difficult mode: Use only books that fit a theme, such as “three-word titles” or “YA contemporary” or “squad goals.”

My “summer word” is my favorite place to read in the summer time, and where I spent almost all of my vacation time:

P – Perfectly Preventable Deaths
O – Ordinary Girls
R – Red, White & Royal Blue
C – (the) Chosen
H – Honor Among Thieves

S – Screen Queens
W – Wicked Fox
I – I Wish You All the Best
N – Not Even Bones
G – Grim Lovelies

So there’s my across, I’m saving my down for next time. *wink*wink* Have you read any of these books? What summer word would you choose to build off of? Let me know in the comments!


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