#BESummer19: Lemonade Stand Tag!

Today’s post is brought to you by Jeimy over at A Novel Idea. She is our current host for Bookending Summer and this tag is so adorable, I just love it! It is short and sweet, yet fun in the sun. 😉


Name a character that left a sour taste in your mouth.

Jack. Jack Attack. Jackie. Jack King. King of Hearts. Jack this and Jack and Jack-I-just-didn’t-care from Opposite of Always. I probably would have liked this book a lot more if the main character was not Jack King.

Name a scene that was bittersweet.

Five Feet Apart was so bittersweet! You never know if books in this genre are going to be sad or really sad. I actually fell more in love with Stella and Will than the MCs in The Fault in Our Stars (I don’t even remember their names at this point–sorry).

Name a book ending that was too sweet for words.

To be honest, the ending of Hot Dog Girl was the redeeming quality of the book! The MC grinded on my nerves a little bit throughout the story but then the last segment just unfurled with morsel after morsel of sweet story line endings and I gobbled it all up! It was a serious feel-good book.

Name a book that was completely refreshing.

I know I keep talking about it, but Red, White, and Royal Blue was everything and in the most refreshing way. The book talked about gay relationships in the most casual way. It was set in the future and placed a female in the White House for re-election as if it was so commonplace. There was humor and charm and everything about the characters and story was dazzling!

And that’s the tag! See? Short and sweet! This is a new tag so I am tagging the following ‘New Bloggers’ colleagues (and anyone else) to join in the fun:
Be sure to tag me so I can see your answers if you participate! Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “#BESummer19: Lemonade Stand Tag!”

  1. I love love love your answers! I’ve seen so many good reviews on Red White and Royal blue; I cannot wait to get to it 🙂
    Thank you so much for participating! I means a lot to me that you enjoyed the tag ❤


  2. I feel you on Jack King, and I feel that way about Audrey from Stalking Jack the Ripper, I know she’s the MC but something about her makes me squint suspiciously the whole time I read about her lol.


  3. What a nice tag!

    Though I like this one so much more than the character pool tag one, I still don’t have a single idea of what character/scene/book id pick for thoses XD Why is the “summer season’s tags” so harder on me? ahaha


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