SELF CARE SATURDAY – Books, Baths, & Breakfast

A normal Saturday night for me is not a bad night by any means. “Normal” is usually a quiet evening at home with my husband watching a movie or show that he picks. I’ll maybe be working on a couple booksleeves for the small business, followed by some reading. Some weekends of course we go out with friends or family. I don’t really know what is it, but something about weekends never really feels like “me” time. Don’t get me wrong. I love my husband, my friends, my family, and doing weekend things. But always doing things or never stopping to breathe and reflect on my center gets rough.

olesia-buyar-1659756-unsplashAnd so here I am. This Saturday I have a house to myself, as my parents are out of town for the weekend. I am planning to make the most out of this time with myself (and the two fur babies I am sitting) and care for myself as much as I am able to. So really, I foresee myself taking a little time to catch up on a blog post or two, catching up on some reading, and maybe doing some journalling…and doing this in the peace in quiet. I always have a loud television on in the background, or music blaring in my ears to cover up the loud television. Sometimes, I just want quiet. Another thing I might get to: taking a walk and/or taking a bath. Burn a candle. Get a good night’s sleep. Take my time eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

Note (and this is my recommendation for if and when you do this for yourself) that I am keeping my list loose. These are all things I want to do, not things I feel I must do to have a “successful self care day.” I don’t want to promise myself anything and set myself up for disappointment. That being said though, I feel these are completely reasonable within the next 24 hours. I have enough time and more to do these things.

What is your definition of self care? What does your regimine include? Please share!


2 thoughts on “SELF CARE SATURDAY – Books, Baths, & Breakfast”

  1. Everyone should take a little me time regularly. For me, me time means getting to sit in my reading spot with books and may be sketch for a bit.


  2. I seriously need to work on my self care. I’m a super empath and introvert.. I have two jobs, two project based jobs, and of course my blog. And I’ve been insanely busy with social engagements as well. So at the end of the week I’m exhausted, but like you, I have very busy weekends too!

    I’ve been trying to take Sundays as my self care days. I’ve been failing so far, but there’s hope! 🙂

    My most successful self care afternoons consist of going for a nice walk or jog, then doing my nails, eating some ice cream, doing a face mask, and spending time with my nose in a book.

    Take care ❤


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