On Thursdays We Review ~ The Raven’s Tale

38101643Author: Cat Winters
Publisher: Amulet Books
Release Date: April 16, 2019
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Fantasy


The Raven’s Tale is another book that is honestly rather difficult to give a rating to so I think I need to go by some pro’s and con’s:

♦ Poor pacing and repetition. This book really was not action-driven, so don’t open it expecting the adventures of Poe and his muse. There are many pretty (dark, sultry) words, but not a whole lot going on. If you are an artist of any kind, read this book. If you are an adventurer, a fast-paced reader, looking for the high stakes, etc…..search elsewhere.
♦ Mostly unengaging. The Raven’s Tale is told in alternating points of view between Edgar and his personified muse, Lenore. Over and over, Edgar struggles to embrace his art (through/with Lenore) because of his adoptive father, who killed his own muse when he was young. At the age of seventeen, Edgar has to decide if he will obey his demanding father and inherit the family accounting business or make his own path.

♦ This book was thoroughly researched (as much was allowed given the historical handicap), and it shows in the story. In Cat’s author notes in the back of the book, her references and notes are extensive. I found it fascinating how she was able to piece together a story from the scraps of what remained from Poe’s life story. She made gold from the heresay of those who didn’t like Poe or from what was published in papers about him, for better or worse.
♦ Probably some of the most beautiful writing and one of the most unique concepts I have read. To take a real and very famous literary figure and piece together facts with the beautiful fantasy concept of a muse and fully pose that that is how his writings came to life…I thought it was exquisite. I also loved that Cat was able to write her own short poems in the book in the style of Poe and honestly, I never knew the difference. The book was still amazing to read.

To wrap up, I wouldn’t say that this was the best book that I have ever read in terms of a story, but I will say that the writing was great and it was everything I expected in terms of something Poe-ish. It was quite dark, very unique, and overall very morose in the best of ways.


3 thoughts on “On Thursdays We Review ~ The Raven’s Tale”

  1. hmm, this doesn’t sound the greatest…I had won a giveaway and had a choice between this and another book, so of course I picked this one, haha, the cover looked really cool.


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