Another WWW Wednesday


One good thing about Wednesdays? WWW Wednesdays! I’m trying to get back on track with my blogging and my reading (I blame Game of Thrones!) so I think I need to just fill everyone (including myself) in on my past/present/future reading stats. This meme is hosted by Taking on a World of Words, and just in case you don’t know, it involves three simple questions which are as follows:

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

~ The Currents ~

34994584I’m pretty excited to share my current reads because I am really enjoying what I’m reading right now! I have been on some ups and downs in the reading department and have just had a hard time finishing things late last month and early this month. But now I’m on a spree, I think. So right now I am reading a galley of a graphic novel called Zombillenium, which is about an amusement part for the paranormal (werewolves, skeletons, witches, etc.). Different in every way, I am also reading Red, White, and Royal Blue. I’m almost halfway through and I don’t want to speak too soon, but this book has the potential to make my top 5  books for the year. I am really enjoying it! We shall see!

~ The Recents ~

39939417I mentioned just a moment ago that I have been going through a bit of a slump lately and boy, is it the truth. Well, I did just finish a couple this past weekend. It was my goal of all goals. Most recently I finished Opposite of Always.  I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around this one so when I saw that it was available from the library, I had to grab it up! Unfortunately, I didn’t love it quite as much as I had hoped, but it was decent. I’ll post a review soon to share the details. The second book I finished recently is Five Feet Apart. This book I did enjoy quite a bit. It wasn’t very long or all too detailed, but it was sweet. I love books that grab your heart like this. If you know of any good heartbreakers, criers, hopeless romantics, etc….send your recs my way because I am a sucker for them!!

~ The Nexts ~

I have a couple coming up that I am excited about, but I am also trying to not weigh myself down with lofty goals. I know that I’m a mood reader, but I also have things that I know I want to read soon. For example, I know that Daisy Jones and the Six is calling me. My mom is reading it and its one that I’d like to read “with” her. Also, I have a couple of ARC’s to read and I want to keep on top of them, as I am still working on getting my percentage up. I am at 88%! I will get this, people!

Where are you all at in your reading – finished, current, and next? Spill the
tea in the comments! I always like to know!


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