Bookending Spring: You’d Be Better As A Book

bookending-spring-1Today is day 17 of Bookending Spring, and today’s topic is hosted by the awesome Clo @ Book Dragons. I haven’t been able to get to all of the prompts this month but there have been some good ones and if you can, I really recommend checking out the hashtag #BEspring19 on Twitter to view some of the blog posts that have gone up. These hosts know how to put on a great event! So now, let’s get to our prompt for today:

You’d Be Better As A Book
Films/TV Shows which aren’t based off of books nor have any books based off of them that in your opinion would be better as books. Maybe the film lacked something, but you feel like it could flourish as a book series? Or you think a certain aspect of the Show/Film would work better in book form.

headshots_1500987999985.0I don’t necessarily think that this movie could be any better as a book, because honestly, it was an amazing movie in my opinion….but I think that The Prestige would make an incredible book! Every time I watch that movie it stuns me and I think that the plot, the characters, the mystery, the setting…I just think it would make an amazing book! Really, I think any Christopher Nolan movie would make an excellent book. My next choice would be Inception. Oh man, I LOVE that movie as well! And Interstellar??? I would own about twelve editions of that.

9781435162761A show I would like to see as a book? Netflix’s Penny Dreadful series. I absolutely LOVED that entire series and I would love to read that in a book! There are so many characters woven into one incredible story line, we would just be wrapped up in it for hours and hours and never be bored. Do you know the history of real life penny dreadfuls? (yes, they are real things) Penny dreadfuls were serial stories popular in the nineteenth century that sold for literally a penny each. Their content typically was of dark and mysterious topics…think vampires and murderers. Sweeny Todd was written into one of the first penny dreadfuls! So that being said, I would love to see the amazing Netflix series as a book series. I would definitely devour that. I love that genre, the history, the time period….awesome.

What do you think — any movies or shows you think would be better as books, or seem like they could have originally been books?


5 thoughts on “Bookending Spring: You’d Be Better As A Book”

  1. I freakin love Penny Dreadful, I know they took a whole bunch of books but you’re totally right, could you imagine how amazing this would be as it’s own novel/book series?! I’d go ape lol. And I totally agree about The Prestige, I thought that movie was so good, it’d make for such a great read as well I think. Love your picks!


  2. Aaaah thanks for doing my prompt Lindsay! I’ve not heard of either of these *hangs head in shame* mostly cause I flop at keeping on top of films/shows.

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    1. Whaaaa??? Oh, girl!! I highly recommend them. They watch like very good books so they’re worth your time. Unless you’re not into thrillers and what-not. Then they’re not for you. ;P Thanks for the great topic!


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