Reading recs for National Puppy Day!!

As you may know from a few posts back, our family dog recently had a litter of puppies. It has been a complete adventure over the past 6 weeks, watching these little babies grow from tiny, palm-sized newborns to rambunctious, feisty pups. So how fitting is it that they go to their new homes today, on National Puppy Day?! Its so bittersweet! Believe it or not, we do actually have one puppy left to sell and ironically, he was the first puppy born. We “named” him Rizzo after our favorite Chicago Cubs player. We are enjoying him while we still have him but I’m sure he will be off soon. Again, it has been an amazing experience. So now, to keep the puppy/dog fix going, I’m researching all the dog reads for the upcoming weeks. I need all the puppy love!


The Incredible Journey – I always loved this movie and the book has been on my TBR for a long time! A cat, a lab, and a bull terrier face the wild terrain of the Canadian wilderness to make their way back home. Separately, they would have died. But together, they face near starvation, wild animals, and exposure to the elements to find their family and their home.

The Art of Racing in the Rain – This book is told from the point of view of the dog, Enzo, and right off the bat, I’m already reminded of the YouTube videos where dog owners have GoPro cameras on dog toys or collars and you’re watching everything from the dog’s POV. Those can be so fun. But anyway. Enzo is a philosopher who sees that life isn’t simply about going fast.

Marley and Me: Life With the World’s Worst Dog – I love this title because aren’t there just moments where, as a pet owner, you just get mad as your fur baby and think they’re the worst?? But of course, 5 minutes later they’re your pride and joy again. Well, Marley actually was the worst. John & Jenny were newlyweds in a perfect, new white-picket fence of a house. They bought Marley as a puppy and he grew into 97-pounds of lab who chewed, bit, ate, tore, drooled, and stole everything he possibly could. But yet for all of his faults, of course, he was still loved.


So those are just a couple that are on my TBR that I have heard good things about. I am so cautious to read dog books and watch dog movies. I am so sensitive because I hate bad endings–they just upset me so much!! Seriously, they stick with me and I take them so personally!! But anyway. If you are a dog person, or just a pet person in general, give your fur baby an extra squeeze today!

Do you have a dog? What is his/her name? OR, If you had a pet, what would you name it?


3 thoughts on “Reading recs for National Puppy Day!!”

  1. OMG OMG OMG!! I am like hyperventilating from CUTENESSSSSSSS. I’m sorry, I’m like squealing here and emotional over these puppy pictures. I did love The Incredible Journey and Marley and Me, though I’ve only read the first Marley book. I also love 101 Dalmations ❤ Another great puppy book! My own pups is named Penny she is an old lady I adopted a couple of years back and dragged from Texas to Scotland with me lol she's such a pain in my behind and I love her.

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