Pardon my absence…

I’ve always said that I don’t really believe in apologizing for absences from social media, and I really don’t. So this isn’t an apology as much as it is a reason, as well as an excuse to share with you my BABIES!! Okay, not really babies but even better….PUPPIES

Today I am straying away from the bookish to share with you what has been a big part of my life since the holidays: my family’s puppy endeavor! The last three dogs we have had, my parents have talked about trying to have a litter of puppies. A golden retriever, a miniature schnauzer, and now with the second golden retriever, we’ve finally stepped up and taken the jump. Our baby has had babies!

image1 (2)

Of course she isn’t a baby any more, but your dog will always be your baby. Ellie has been such a champ going through this whole process. We did a lot of research going into this event and from what we read, some mamas can be very territorial of their pups, not letting their humans near in the beginning and not wanting to leave the area much. Ellie, however, is a perfect mix of taking care of the littles when she needs to and letting them get their rest and having her own (and her owner’s) self-care. She needs her own space and cool off period (the room where the puppies are has to be a consistent 82-degrees F! It gets pretty warm!).

Right now, the puppies are 3 weeks old. There are 6 adorable, purebred golden retriever pups–5 boys and 1 little girl.

This little guy we’ve been calling ‘Rizzo’ after our favorite Chicago Cub

At 3 weeks, they are just starting to open their eyes and their hearing is just developing. They are also just starting to walk, which is honestly the funniest thing. I never really thought about dogs figuring out how to walk, but some of them use their two front legs and drag their back legs–kind of salamander-ish. A couple of them can get up on all fours for about 5 or 6 steps and then just flop down in a little puppy pile. Mostly they just sort of climb all over each other to get from point A to point B and its just adorable. And of course, I can’t forget to mention (as you can see from this picture) that right now, their tiny nails and tiny teeth are incredibly sharp!

image4Obviously, I am loving these little cherubs grow and change, and as my dad keeps saying “Its amazing, the instincts that Mother Nature has instilled in them.” And he’s not just talking about the babies, but mama pup too. She had her litter and pretty much knew what to do! Life is so messy (and smelly and gross) but so sweet and so beautiful. I hope you can all take some time to enjoy it today.


9 thoughts on “Pardon my absence…”

  1. OH MY GOD LINDSAY!! This is absolutely adorable ❤ Are you going to keep all of them??? Because honestly that would be amazing. And I expect more pics in the pets discord channel!


  2. Awww puppies !!
    I’m glad you took the time to do your researches and did so with the knowledge xx it’s very important, there’s so many backyard breeder who don’t even know what they’re doing..
    Hopefully all will go well for the rest of the puppy’s growing and that they’ll find loving families ❤️❤️


    1. I know, backyard breeders are so scary. My mom is horrified of ‘puppy mills’ and what-not. Even though its a natural process, my mom had a hard enough time watching “her baby” be bred and go through labor and what not. She would say “Oh Ellie, what did we do to you?!” lol. Mom, she’s just pregnant, its not hurting her! So we’re definitely very protective and care very much about doing everything right. We’ll be watching out for what homes they go into as much as we can and enjoying them while we have them =]

      Liked by 1 person

      1. good!
        yeah, have you ever seen a pregnant dachshund?! Thoses are super painful to see as the mother’s belly literally drags on the floor… plus you know how bad it is on the mom’s long back.


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