3 Of My Favorite ‘Romance’ Books (So Far)


Well, it can’t be February without me listing some of my favorite romance books, now can it? Now in all fairness, I will limit my list to only one Colleen Hoover book because–I’m just saying–she’s pretty much the queen of love. So without further ado, here is my list of love:

1. The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski – I read this book all the way back in 2014 and it has stuck with me ever since, that’s just how good it is. The Edge of Never is about Camryn and Andrew–two people who meet on a cross-country bus. Camryn is running from a break-up, divorced parents, and a fight with her best friend. Andrew’s father is dying of cancer. After an incident at the bus stop, they hop in a car and decide to travel wherever the road takes them. Their bonding is so fun and their story is so beautiful. I loved every moment of this book.

2. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Cath and Wren are twins starting their first year away at college, but not everything starts out as expected. Cath feels like she’s losing her sister, her voice as a writer, and herself. College is a hard transition, but as all we college students know, there is no getting through without coffee. And with coffee comes Levi. Levi is such a charmer, and he is so amazing to Cath. He isn’t the perfect guy, he’s not the most popular, or the school jock. But he is kind and funny and he’s good to the girl he likes. I loved this book because I thought it was so real and I can’t help but applaud it for that.

3. All Your Perfects by Colleen Hoover – In my opinion, this is pretty much the most heartbreaking, love-filled book you can ever read. Also, this was a very tough book to read. There are trigger warnings for infertility, miscarriage, depression, minor self-harm, cheating.  However, as with all CoHo, it is written in a way that is past to present dual narrative and woven together very nicely. As I said, this book is so raw and so real, I can’t help but feel that Colleen Hoover is so brave for daring to take on such a tough topic as infertility because I know what a struggle that is and how it is just not talked about. She really does not go lightly on the grief and pain that it puts into a relationship and the love that Quinn and Graham have to give to each other just to get through their days. This book is so well written that I ended up quoting small pieces of it in my wedding vows.


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Well, there they are, my top 3 from the top of my head. I tried to choose differing sub genres.

Have you read any of these? Do you have recommendations for good romance reads? Or do you steer clear of the love bug?


4 thoughts on “3 Of My Favorite ‘Romance’ Books (So Far)”

    1. Oooh, I have The Hating Game in my Kindle! I’ll have to bump that up a notch on my TBR. And I haven’t heard of From Lukov With Love, but I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recs! Love it! =]


  1. Nice Romance picks! I myself have read Fangirl and I ADORED Fangirl when I read it. I should re-read it sometime soon, haha.

    I’ll have to keep a lookout for The Edge of Never, and All Your Perfects, though. 🙂

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