Review: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

19351043Oh my dragons, I loved this book! <u>Nimona</u> is a graphic novel set in medieval times…but then someone answers a phone and the Industry manufactures a secret genetic weapon. And then throw a little shape-shifting magic in there and we’re set up for something great!

The characters are great as well. Nimona, our main character, is absolutely hilarious! At times, she does get a little annoying because she can be aggressively self-pitying and take it out on others. So Nimona wants to be a villain and in order to do that, she seeks out the villiage villain, Lord Blackthorn. She calls him “Boss” and takes his “evil plans” of robbing a bank and tries to turn them into killing the king and taking over the throne so that he can be king. I loved the relationship and the banter between these two–it literally had me laughing out loud while reading on my breaks at work! And to make me like Nimona even more, at one point, she dyes her hair purple, and I love purple, so I got a little giddy over that. 😝 The rivalry between Blackthorn and Goldenloin (the “head knight” of the kingdom and the Industry) was fun as well. It was refreshing to see a heroic villain and a not-completely-heroic hero.

One more thing I want to highlight that I feel the book did really well was flashback sequences. I feel that these are very difficult to do in graphic novels, but Nimona did a variety of them, going back to Nimona’s childhood, Blackhood and Goldenloin’s early days of friendship, and the “legend” of the early knights and dragons. I felt that these scenes were woven into the story well and the storyboards looked different enough but still blended in nicely with the others to work out really nicely.

My only real qualm with the book (besides the aforementioned repetition of Nimona being self-pitying) is the tiny, microscopic text in the book. Seriously, its SO SMALL. The book (sorry, “graphic novel”) is only 250 pages long, I think we could expand a little for the sake of 1 size bigger font. I’ve never had this problem with a graphic novel before. 😞


Other than those tiny negatives, I LOVED this book. The graphics were good, it was SO very funny, the ideas were unique and creative, and it was just an all-around fun read. Honestly, one of my favorite graphic novels. I highly recommend it!



1 thought on “Review: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson”

  1. Ooooo this sounds amazing! I love having a heroic villain because it kind of gives them more depth as a character as they decide whether they should be good or evil? I’m not keen on smol font though, since it’ll make it really hard for a lot of people to read. I agree – I think the bigger font is well worth having more pages since graphic novels are generally quicker to read.


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