Something Worth Celebrating: Post #200!


And just like that, this is my 200th blog post! I have been posting book reviews, tags, memes, news, and other bookish insights for just shy of two years on this domain. I have been reflecting on my experiences and I’d like to share a couple bits of advice and contemplation. Allow me to share:

First, there are no “rules” to blogging. Your blog is your blog. If you want to post every day, about a different thing each day, do it! If you need to take a break for a month, its your blog, so do it! Furthermore, you never have to apologize. I always see bloggers saying sorry for not posting for a day or a week or more. Life happens! Other people’s lives don’t revolve around your blog, so don’t be distressed when life calls you somewhere else.

Next, be active with other bloggers and on other social media platforms. Making friends in the community is not only fun but its important as well. Finding friends with interests similar to your blog’s theme can inspire post ideas, conversations, follows, and traffic through other followers. Its all a win-win.

Finally, know and remember that blogging (especially book blogging) is a time consuming hobby. Not only do you have to do the reading, but then there’s the organizing and planning of your blog itself. Most of us book bloggers don’t get paid, but rather, spend plenty of our hard-earned dollars investing in books and bookish merch to make our blogs and social media accounts look pretty. Remember that at the heart of this, we do this for the love of reading. At least I do. I love the adventures of the written word and I love sharing them. And this is why I blog!


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