2018 – My Year In Books

YiB Hi everyone! Today I’m looking back at 2018 a little bit. I hope that your year was as good as mine was. I know its cliche to say, but its so true–it went by so fast. Last year, my little brother (not so little anymore) got married, I lost a job, I found a really great new job, I started my own small business, and I got married. Holy cow! On top of that, I read some amazing books across a variety of genres.

So below is my year in books. Considering all the “busy” and “hectic” in my life, I am darn proud of how much I did get read.


I rated 18 books 5-star reads, 28 books as 4-star reads, 21 books as 2-star reads, and 6 as 1-star reads, making my average rating about 3.65. My overall goal was to read 75 books and I almost made it. Technically I made it by intentionally reading a few shorter books for a readathon at some point, but I mean really short books, like, picture books. But they were books! I don’t like to count children’s books though. So, like I said, I’m happy with what I did. I read for pleasure not for competition with myself or anyone else. I’d never beat myself up about not hitting a certain amount.

So how about you: Did you reach any reading goals in 2018? Read any great books worth recommending? I’d love to hear about them!


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