Blogmas 27: Review – The Witch of the North Pole

40625309The Witch of the North Pole was one of the most delightful Amazon Prime surprises I have encountered so far! Our main character, Cinnamon Mercy, is fighting for her independence working a dull accounting job on the West Coast. Then one day her eccentric grandmother rolls up and whisks her away for the holidays…to the North Pole. Turns out Grandma is Mrs. Claus herself, and she is feeling under-appreciated for all the hard work she does 364 days a year, and she’s had ENOUGH! The next witch–yes, witch–in the family line who can possibly do all the work is Cinnamon, and she’s on her own to figure out how to save “the naughties” and develop Santa’s flight plan, all before Christmas Eve. As much as she wants to use logic and numbers, Cinnamon has to listen to her heart and cast a spell of intuition to really connect with others to determine how to throw the best Winter Solstice gathering, bring Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus together, and save Christmas for the entire world.

This book was so fun and easy to read, I enjoyed it so much! The descriptions of the North Pole were so fun, and I loved how all of the events played out. There was a huge crisis, but for once, the issue was not a murder or an affair. Just a Christmas crunch where people lost sight of their joy and priorities. Two ‘towns’ living basically together without interacting. Years of traditions being taken for granted and becoming just work rather than love and magic. Everything was written out very nicely with charming characters and good pacing. An absolutely charming holiday read! If you have Prime, check this one out!


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