Blogmas Day 13: Invisible Holiday

We’re already 13 days into December….CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I feel so unprepared though. Hubby and I hardly have decorations up, and we definitely don’t have our tree yet. This weekend will be the big weekend for all things Christmas though. I am so ready!

So today I am going off the Bookending Winter prompt, which was created by Julia @ Fable Hunter. Today is her third day hosting and she’s been fab! So here we go!


*Holiday Exploration*
You received Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility for Christmas this year! Where would you go and what would you do? (Can be in the real world or a bookish one!)

harry_potter_spell_deathly_hallows_typography_gr_t_shirt-r1d60dd7f297f4e3da05fcf093c0e86e4_k2gl9_307In the real world, I would probably slip onto a plane (or two or three successively) and travel! Canada, Ireland, Russia…all over. With an Invisibility Cloak, I would do some MAJOR behind-the-scenes exploring of The Louvre in Paris! Another place I would do behind-the-scenes exploring? The White House. I’ve been in The White House before and there are ropes EVERYWHERE. It just makes you want to explore even MORE!

In the literary world, me and my invisibility cloak would be in the magical world of Harry Potter, for starters. I have always been curious about the House Elves in the kitchen and how they get everything done and up to the Great Hall. I would definitely snoop in Dumbledore’s office. And in the Potions Dungeon!!! AND the Restricted Section of the Library!!

Where would you go if you had an invisibility cloak?


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