Blogmas Day 12: November Wrap-Up Part 2

FontCandy (40)Hump Dayyyy!! So rather than do a WWW Wednesday, I feel that I need to finish my November wrap-up first. What was I thinking, reading so many books in November that I need to put them in two posts?! Oh yeah, I’m behind on my Goodreads goal for the year and I need to catch up. 😛

35402204To pick up where I left off, the next book I read was a Middle grade ARC called The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane. I don’t always read middle grades, but when I do, they are mysteries or V.E. Schwab (i.e. City of Ghosts–LOVED IT!). I picked this one up because I wanted to boost my Netgalley rating but I really enjoyed it. The boarding school setting and trio of friends were extremely Harry Potter-esque, as was the mystery. That’s about where the similarities end though. I’m always intrigued by secret society mysteries, so if any of these things are appealing to you, I recommend picking up this book.

36082326Every Note Played was my 5-star read for the month. I chose this book because it was a finalist for the 2018 Goodreads awards. Turns out that it didn’t win, but oh my gosh, my heart. The book is about a famous classical pianist who is diagnosed with ALS. He is a divorcee, and turns to his ex-wife as his health declines. The story of this man’s journey is so incredibly vivid, it really feels like we are in his head. It changes POV’s with the ex-wife as she cares for him. This was the most bittersweet I think I’ve ever read. If you need a good cry, or a reason to be thankful for life as it is, this is the book to reach for.

37796866On a completely different note, my last book of the month was Vox. This is another book that was on Goodreads best books of the year for 2018 and it was a pretty powerful read as well. While I was reading Vox, it seemed like every other chapter, I just HAD to talk about what was going on in the book. I thought this was so ironic because the book itself is based in the future world where women are restricted to using only 100 words per day. The book is about silencing one gender, but yet the book is meant to spark conversation. I LOVE IT!! The book itself didn’t end the way I wanted it to. I feel there could have been an entire book after this! But alas, its a standalone.

So there we have it. My 6 reads for November. Thus far in December, I’ve finished 4 books. I’m still aiming to get as close to my Goodreads goal of 75 as possible. We’ll see!


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