Blogmas Day 5: November Wrap-Up Part I

FontCandy (40)Well, tell me: how was your November reading?? Mine wasn’t too bad. Especially considering the bit of a slump I had been in in September. I finished six books in total, and there were two more I was hoping to wrap up but I didn’t quite make it. Oh well, 6 is pretty good! I am definitely going to be finishing short of my overall goal for the year of 75 books…but I had a super busy year so I’m not going to beat myself up too badly. And besides, we’ll see what December holds. I have readathons and buddy reads coming up so I should be pulling a pretty good number. If I can hit 9 or 10 for December, I’ll be happy. Even 8! But anyway, here is a rundown of my November finishes:

33977969Haunting the Deep is book #2 in Adrianna Mathers’ “How to Hang a Witch” duology. I read How to Hang a Witch last year and thought it was pretty good. What I really like about Adrianna Mather is her direct tie in her family line to what she writes about in these books–first to the Salem Witch trials (she is a direct descendent to Cotton Mather) and in this book to the Titanic (I think you can figure this one out). The books aren’t mind-blowing Blockbusters, but they are pretty sweet reads and I think they’re fun.

35305625Next up, I listened to the audiobook version of The Broken Girls. I hadn’t really heard of this one but it was up for a Goodreads Choice Award. Don’t ask me what category at this point…Mystery/Thriller, maybe? The book is told in dual time periods and revolves around a woman whose sister was murdered and an old asylum where a former refugee from a Nazi war camp was a student went missing decades ago. Again, not a heart-pounding thriller, but I liked the mix of history and mystery, and the writing was good. Also, the audiobook narrator was fabulous.

31952703Words in Deep Blue is next on my list. This one was also an audiobook and I flat out did not enjoy this one. It had a few charming little moments, considering that I am a sucker for book stores and heartbreak. There really wasn’t much heartbreak in the book, but there was some humor and a little bit of cuteness in the friendships. Overall though, this book was a flop for me.

So there is the first half of my wrap-up overview. More in-depth reviews to come! How did you do with your reading in November?


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