Puddin’ by Julie Murphy

I really, really, really, REALLY enjoyed this book!! I mean, I enjoyed Dumplin’ (“Book 1”), but Puddin’ was even better! Do I have to read Dumplin’ first? you ask. Nah. It would be great to support the wonderful Julie Murphy, but you won’t be missing out on plot points or anything. PLUS, Dumplin’ is being made into a Netflix movie which is scheduled to release in ONE MONTH (yes, December 8th!) so maybe you want to prep for that. But anyway….

40628793_524192508027856_3957805933697957888_nDumplin’ was told from Willowdean’s perspective. She was the fat girl who worked at the fast food diner, had never had a boyfriend, and worked her big butt off to get up the confidence to compete in the town’s beauty pageant. Will was never my favorite character and despite the premise of the book, it just never stirred me the way I hoped it would.

Puddin’, on the other hand, was a great story. This book is told from two points of view. We have Millie, who is our fat girl, and Callie, who is a co-captain of the school dance team. One day, a seemingly meaningless prank brings Callie and Millie together in a huge way and the tale of frenemies begins. Both Millie and Callie are amazing characters who are funny and have great growth curves throughout the book. I also loved their interactions with the secondary characters. The book definitely had its funny moments and its sweet moments.

I have met Julie Murphy twice now and I love her talk about her inspiration for her characters. Thanks for writing this awesome book, Julie. I can’t wait to hear about your next Julie + Millie!!

Book soundtrack: Rebel Heart by Madonna


2 thoughts on “Puddin’ by Julie Murphy”

  1. Glad you enjoyed reading Puddin’! Oh man, it is interesting to see how adaptations of books turn out. I like the idea of Dumplin’. Sometimes, we need a little push to improve ourselves. It can be for the better. Puddin’ sounds like an interesting book as well. Glad you enjoy Julie’s books! Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


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