November 9 by Colleen Hoover

20160203_091845I.LOVED.THIS.BOOK.!!!!! Yes, the shouty capitals are intentional. If you have never picked up a Colleen Hoover book before and are wondering which one you should try, PICK THIS ONE! If you have read a Colleen Hoover book or two before and didn’t care for them and maybe gave up on her, DISREGARD PREVIOUS OPINIONS AND PICK THIS ONE UP!!!

My heart is so full like no other book has made it before. Oh, the love that is in this story! Fallon and Ben are just the best characters! I just finished the book so my words are so mushy gushy right now…I’ll have to come back later and write a more cohesive and coherent summary/review later but for now, just know that this was probably the best contemporary romance I have ever read. It was AMAZING!

november93((Later)) I am ready to speak more coherently about this book now. When I finished reading (listening, technically) to it, I was a hot mess of love and emotion in the best of ways. November 9 is not just a day on the calendar for Fallon and Ben. Its not just a day of meeting, dating, and falling in love either. For both characters, they are trying so hard to change it from a day of past horrors and dread to a day of joy and love. But of course, its easier said than done.

There is humor, there is (a bit of) mystery, there is joy, and there is heartbreak. There are not many secondary characters, but I do have to say that I fell in love with Ben’s family instantly. I also thought that Ben’s gentleness and treatment of Fallon’s scars was the most beautiful thing. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes the consequences stay with you your entire life. The guilt most certainly does, as do the scars.

Just to wrap up, in case you missed it the first twenty times I said it, read this book. I loved it. Its got a 4.39 rating on Goodreads, which is pretty darn good. So next time you’re looking for a raw, riveting love story, grab this one.

Book soundtrack: Kissing You (Love Theme from Romeo + Juliet) by Des’ree


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