*SNEAK PEEK* : “The Dire King” – Jackaby Book 4!

31438747August 22nd. My calendar is marked for this release!! I have already enjoyed the Jackaby series so far, but this preview blew me away. Honestly, I anticipate this fourth (and sadly, final) book in the series to be the best one yet. In just the first five chapters of The Dire King, we are seeing more returning (and new) characters, more of London and fantastic other-world building, AND more supernatural creatures and descriptions than we’ve gotten in any of the other books!! Plus the setup is electric.

I am so ready, ready, ready for this one! If ever I was praying for an early copy of a book, its this one! Everything William Ritter has written about characters leads up to what happens in this book and it will be apocalyptic. I have my popcorn, my tea, and my comfy pillow fluffed, I am ready to read this baby! Bring it on!!!

Soundtrack: Be still my beating heart!!

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