“The Book of Summer” by Michelle Gable

33323269Happy Publication Day! All aspects of this book called to me immediately and made me want to read it–the title, the cover (look at that pretty cover!), and the description. Now that I have finished it, I can say that I have no regrets, for it was a book that was so charming and perfect for a warm day’s read. I just want to sit on a porch swing, or lay by the beach, or sip a fruity cocktail….*sigh* Sounds good, doesn’t it?? Summer, I’m ready! Take me away!

The Book of Summer tells two stories: one of the modern-day Bess and Cissy Codman who, in their packing to move out of the once grand Cliff House on Nantucket Island due to erosion, find “The Book of Summer” where all the guests have written about their stays; the other of the family of (grandma) Ruby Packard during WWII, who reveals a shocking family secret.

Source. Pictured is an actual house on Baxter Road, where the fictional Cliff House is located.

There are many characters in the book, both in the past in the present, who are so unique and relatable. Evan (present-day) and Topper (past), in particular are sweethearts. Hattie is an absolute riot who gave a very unique perspective on women’s roles in that era, I felt. And I really enjoyed hearing and learning more about homosexuality in wartime. I don’t know of many books that address that topic so it was interesting to read a bit about that. There is nothing graphic, so don’t let this scare you away. Also, I appreciate that the author did actual research on the Sconset Beach area and the erosion problems affecting the bluff. Hats off, Ms. Gable! If you want to check out the website she cites to “learn more about the erosion, and what folks are doing to combat it” (I did!), here’s that link: Siasconset Beach Preservation.

Soundtrack: “Beautiful Day” by U2

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