“The Dead House” by Dawn Kurtagich

24396858The Dead House is a young adult horror novel. The book is a “collection” of witness testimonials, police reports, video footage, psych reports, and diary entries from the main character(s). Emphasis here on character(s). Is there one or two? Or two trapped within one? One possessed within another? Simply one mentally unstable character? Three students are found dead and one is missing. Two years have passed and now a diary has been discovered so the case is reopened. What is contained within the book is the newly opened contents of the investigation of “The Dead House” and the case of Carly/Kaitlyn Johnson.

I really liked the format of this book and the concept…how it was formatted with case files and journal entries and camera angles. Very neat The reading of this audiobook was super creepy so that was really fun! It was my first horror-genre audiobook so that was cool. I’ll have to do that again (note to self: NEVER listen to horror books in the car by myself at night! YIKES! Its the same as watching horror movies by myself in the dark late at night. NOPE! lol).

So the downside of this book…I just didn’t feel like there was development or cohesiveness to the characters or the story. I didn’t feel like all of the characters contributed necessarily or clearly (sister Jamie and the Bailey’s for example…maybe a little, but could have been much more). Some of them I got mixed up. A couple of the guys, especially.

But overall, I say that if you’re going to read this book, listen to the audiobook because it is the ultimate horrorfest! I especially enjoyed the doctor sessions and the haunting music in the background. Can you say….goosebumps?!?! I can!!

Soundtrack: “Cupid Carries A Gun” by Marilyn Manson

3 thoughts on ““The Dead House” by Dawn Kurtagich”

  1. Just the name of this book makes me want to get it! I am usually pretty cautious about whither or not a book will actually scare me or not. I am a person that loves to be scared by anything. I love those types of movies and books but have not found any that can do it for me anymore. Not even my favorite author Stephen King can scare me anymore.

    Is it at least suspenseful? Will I hold my breath? If that is the case I can look at my library (I hope)! I think I’ll still get it cause I love all things paranormal!!

    Thanks for such a great review on the book!


    1. Hi there!
      Its hard for me to say if the actual book is scary because I listened to the audiobook and it is very creepy!! It is certainly written in a way that mimics bump-in-the-night, insane asylum, twisty-turny suspense/horror movies. So if you have a creative imagine and can really put yourself in that mindset and allow yourself to play along a little, I can see it being quite scary! The audiobook did a lot of that for me because the lady who reads it was spectacular at all of the grunting/grumbling voices and there was echoing in the background. Plus, it is YA so its not over the top graphically gory but some of the imagery is pretty haunting. Also on the plus side: not a tome like a Stephen King novel. Only about 400 pages! If you give it a shot, let me know what you think! Happy reading! 🙂


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