“Zenn Diagram” by Wendy Brant

What a cute, new YA romance with a little magical twist! Let me also say that I almost image-3535didn’t read this because I am NOT a math person at ALL, but don’t let that discourage you from reading this book! Its still great!! What you do need to know, however, is what a fractal looks like. I have assisted you with this in the image on the right.

Eva is a senior in high school living with her aunt and uncle (whom she calls Mom and Dad, because she was orphaned as an infant) and the 4 E’s (her quad cousin/siblings). Gearing up to go to college, Eva is completing her applications and searching for scholarships and logging tutoring hours to put on her list of extracurriculars. But Eva is also special–one touch of a person or object and she can see its “fractal,” telling her the person’s emotions in one giant rush.

34199574I really liked that this book had great characters–a fun best girlfriend, Charlotte, who we see stray to the world of popularity and then come back to the math savvy Eva. Zenn, who is a new kid in school, is full of secrets and surprises, who actually is a hard worker and who is an all-around great character. Both Eva’s and Zenn’s family (what we saw and found out about of them) were well-built. And Eva herself was an interesting and unique character!

To me, there is always something sweet about couples in books who end up “psychically” doing the same thing for each other without knowing it. I also have an appreciation for authors who respect characters’ youth and don’t rush kids into commitments, so thank you, Ms. Brant, for letting the kids go their separate ways but still have a cute ending at the same time, as much as can be.

Soundtrack: “Fireflies” by Owl City

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