Camino Beach by Amanda Callendrier

34204786Sarah, Kristin, and Jack are a week away from their twentieth high school reunion and the reunion just won’t be complete without their long lost friend Roxanne. Roxanne hasn’t been seen nor heard from since the final weeks of their senior year of high school and the gang has no idea where she is. They set off on an adventure in a classic El Camino named Elvira in the hopes of finding answers…and forgiveness. The story flip-flops between the “now” and the “then” so we hear and see why Roxanne left and how sometimes friendships can get complicated, but ultimately work out in beautiful ways.

1969-Chevrolet-El-Camino-SS-12Here’s one thing that I really enjoyed about this book: the nostalgia. I loved the description of Sarah and Kristen buying and road tripping in the El Camino. “I had forgotten what cars were like in the 70’s and 80’s, wide stretches of bench-like seats that felt like couches….Didn’t even use seat belts, and you could slide back and forth on the leather whenever you made a hard turn.” Yeah!!! It was just so fun to me! Plus, just look at this beauty! Its a frickin’ Hotwheels in real life!! I’m not a car girl, but its so cool! And every time I see one (and its rare that I see one), I think that I want to put a little jacuzzi back there, so this book isn’t far off from my fantasy, in putting a “beach” in the back! I love it!

On the not-my-favorite-part-side, the MC Sarah could be SO dense and self-absorbed and just about every other character in the book brought it up to her face. She was fine in the beginning–great even!–and then two-thirds of the way through she went off her rocker and everything was her fault and in her world and her drama and her blindness and her, her, her! Blah!!
Another plus: this was definitely a warm and fuzzy, feel good, easy to read book. If you need a good summer read, pick this up. Plus, I was very impressed that this was a debut for Amanda Callendrier, so hats off, and congratulations!
Book Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Listening to: “No Diggity” by Blackstreet, Dr. Dre, Queen Pen

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