Bookmail! … Otter Nonsense Designs

Ah, Star Wars! Don’t hate me, but Princess Leia has never been my favorite character in the galaxy. I’ve always been more on the nerf-herder’s side. Oh, and little R2 too! Its amazing what that droid who is all boxed in could do. Never underestimate R2-D2!

Anyway, I wanted to make the point that even though I haven’t exactly been a Leia fan over the years, I have been curious about reading some of Carrie Fisher’s books, especially “The Princess Diarist.” This book is a behind the scenes look at the Star Wars prequel movies, as told from young Carrie’s journals while actually filming. Interesting, methinks! I’d especially love to listen to the audiobook because Ms. Fisher narrates it herself, and I love it when authors read their own books…especially memoirs.

image1So here is my cutesy bookmail for now. A new bookmark from a great seller I found on Etsy by the name of Otter Nonsense. She has tons of other bookmarks and printables from Star Wars and several other fandoms…something for everyone. Check her out if you’re so inclined. 😀

Listening to: The Force Awakens Soundtrack – “Han and Leia” (John Williams is love, guys. The fugue [“Han and Leia” allude to it; “March of the Resistance” is the big one! It will get your blood pumping! So exciting!! So exciting my grammar gets bad – sorry] in this soundtrack is my favorite thing in the galaxy! And his new instrumentation for Leia’s theme…subtle, but amazing. It makes me actually enjoy the theme, when I didn’t before [don’t hate me please!]).

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