Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Cupid Day. Definitely has the potential to be hell on Earth if you were to die on this day if you ask me.


So, I picked up this book because the movie is coming out soon and I read “Thirteen Reasons Why” recently and really enjoyed that and the Netflix series was a big hit so I figured I’d give this one a shot. Uh, not so glad I did. “Before I Fall” is more teenage girl blubber and drama. Yes, there is a little bit of the pondering of suicide, family values, time and love lost, etc. but overall wouldn’t you rather read a character who figures out she wasted her life being a bitch and opens her eyes and learns to live and love her life? I don’t know, maybe that’s too cliche but I know that’s what I would want to do.

Let me also add another layer to the cake: I listened to the audiobook of this one and it was narrated by Sarah Drew. Does that name ring a bell? It did to me. Grey’s Anatomy. April Kepner. LOVE!!! She was a really great choice for reading this book. She captured the teenage attitudes perfectly, it was great! I really enjoyed it. Not only that, but also the emotion and the depth that actually was in the book, she really was able to bring that to life as well.

In sum, this book had too much time with shallow, bitchy friends and Sam’s deuche boyfriend and not enough time waking up and ‘living,’ per se. In my opinion, she went about ‘fixing things’ all wrong and everything was dragged out and got annoying and I didn’t relate to it as much as I would have liked. Plus, there’s no real resolution. Why does she finally stop living Cupid Day over and over again, just because it was 7 days? Guess so. The only things I really liked in the book were Kent, Izzy (Sam’s little sister), Anna (the crazy stoner girl), and Sarah Drew. Oh, and the debate about flavors of “butt bagels.” lol

Soundtrack: “Eet” by Regina Spektor

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