Alex & Eliza : A Love Story *SNEAK PEEK*

This is my first sneak peek, my first blog review, and honestly, this book was one of the reasons that I really wanted to get into this “business.” I was so jealous of the people raving about the previews of this book…and it did not disappoint! Now, believe it or now, I  have not seen the musical Hamilton, though I have listened to the soundtrack several times. I like it but I don’t squeal over it like some do. My interests in this book are purely curious and I really like the idea of key historical figures in a YA romance! So now, on to the review….


I want to begin by saying that the title spells out an exact equation for the first 50 pages of the book Alex + Eliza and you know its going to = a love story. And a really good one at that. There are very modern and relatable characteristics about both story lines, even though they are set hundreds of years ago. I love that Eliza and her sisters each have their own personalities and opinions, yet seem to get along (so far). And then Alex’s humanity as he discusses his past working as a clerk on a ship having to inventory “supplies” (i.e. slaves). To me, this book does a good job of bringing a lot of intricate, historical details to life that I had never thought about, but now that I read them I think that they are so quirky and interesting, or so delicate and fascinating that I really have an appreciation for them! I hope that there is much more of this to come in the rest of the book!

Listening Soundtrack: “Italian violin concerto” @ 71% … Franz Joseph Hadyn’s String Quartet No. 53 in D Major

Thank you, Penguin Young Readers Group for sending me my first sneak peek! Looking forward to many more!!

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