What/who was your first….

  • Time on an airplane?: Flying to Atlanta, GA with my youth group from church. I wasn’t even with my parents! :\
  • Pet?: The family dog – a chow/german shepard mix named Ziggy.
  • Car?: A ’94 Dodge Shadow. I called her “Pinky.” (She was fuchsia and oh, was she a beaut!).
  • Book you remember reading?: “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” I remember the book specifically because I absolutely loved how beautiful the pictures were. The pages were outlined with yellow and I remember Goldilocks’ hair reminded me of my own blonde hair and the bears reminded me of my own teddy bears.

Its amazing isn’t it? How books can take us away places? They can take us away in the moment that we are reading them to wherever we are at the time that we are reading them. And they can also take us back in time to a memory to when we were little–cozied up in bed reading a picture book with mom or dad and the bed that is just right.

Honestly, that’s how this blog is coming to be. I’ve always been a reader. It has always been inside of me and ever since I was little, the spark has just grown and grown until now, I’m in my late 20’s and I read almost 150 books a year. I say that to people around me and they say “Oh, I wish I could read 5 books a year.” Well why not?? I tell you, it just takes a little time before bed; or a little time in the car; or a little time during your lunch break or just whenever! Its just like that phrase about the elephant, what is it now? You can’t eat an elephant all in one bite! Just read a book a few pages at a time. Just aim for one book at a time. Relax and don’t let it stress you out. Let it take you back and remind you of some memory. Or maybe even better, create a new one.

Listening to: “8TEEN” by Khalid

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